There are several brands in Stellarity Group.

To be able to give our customers a complete solution with the best service and latest technology there are several brands that in common creates the Stellarity Group.

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Stellarity Pay
(Payment Gateway)

Empowering online businesses (Merchants) to Accept Bank Transfers, Card Payments, and Crypto Payments. This Creates Endless Payment Options for the End Customers.

  • Versatile Payment Solutions

    The technology allows e-commerce stores, casinos and other type of businesses (in common called Merchants) to accept payments by:

  • Seamless Checkout with Stellarity Pay

    The end customer chose Stellarity Pay as the payment option with the Merchant at the check out. Payments can be made either with debit or credit card or payment through your bank.

Main image of Stellarity-Crypto

Stellarity Crypto
(Crypto exchange)

Your Gateway to Diverse Digital Asset Trading.

  • Crypto Exchange Platform

    Stellarity Group will develop a cryptocurrency exchange allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies. Well known exchanges are Binance and Coinbase.

Main image of Stellarity-NEO

Stellarity NEO
(NEO banking)

Streamline mobile and online banking

  • Empowering FIAT Services

    Stellarity Group will develop technology for a NEO Banking where the goal is to be an electronic money institution (EMI) with the license to handle and hold FIAT (traditional money) on behalf of customers.

  • Revolutionizing Money Transfers

    Stellarity NEO will offer money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks. Example of a NEO Bank is Revolut.

  • NEO Banking Tech

    The technology for the NEO Banking will be developed with an estimated timeline to be ready Q1 2024.


Estimation of the way forward

Stellarity Pay

Estimated launch is Q3 2023

Payment Gateway

Stellarity crypto

Estimated launch is Q4 2023

Crypto currency exchange

Stellarity NEO

Estimated launch is Q1 2024

NEO Banking